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How can I stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season?

Families all over South Carolina are gearing up for holiday celebrations in their homes and the homes of their loved ones. This entails preparing lavish feasts, which entail certain risks if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. In this case, Everyday Health offers the following advice to keep your holiday celebration safe and fun for all.

Hit by a car while walking the dog

For many dog owners, taking their dog for a walk is a great way to bond with their animal companion while getting some good exercise. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous when reckless drivers are on the road and may result in a pedestrian accident. Many people have been struck by negligent drivers while they were walking alongside the roadway and you should consider some of the ways in which you may be able to reduce the likelihood of a pedestrian accident.

Driving on the freeway with little experience

Anyone who drives on the freeway may face a number of risks while traveling at high speeds. For example, another driver may behave recklessly and fail to switch lanes properly or a tire could blow out. For some people, driving on the freeway can be especially dangerous, such as those who have little experience traveling at such high speeds or on have never driven on a freeway before. From younger people who first begin driving to those who may have lived in a rural area that did not have any freeways for many years, there are various reasons why people find themselves in this position.

The consequences of failing to maintain a vehicle properly

When it comes to safe driving, there are many risk factors that drivers need to be aware of. Drunk driving and distractions that divert a driver’s attention are major concerns, of course. However, there are other potential hazards that some people may have difficulty identifying. For example, failing to maintain a vehicle can cause a wide variety of problems. Whether brakes fail, or another critical component gives out, those who do not ensure that their vehicles are maintained properly pose a serious threat to everyone on the road, and they endanger their own safety as well.

Discussing your car accident on social media

Many people share various types of information with friends and even strangers over the internet. From pictures to opinions on trending topics, social media has taken the sharing of information to the next level. Sometimes, people turn to social media following a traumatic incident, such as a motor vehicle collision. After a crash, people may feel vulnerable or they could be struggling with a number of hardships and they may look for support from some of their friends and family members. However, it is important to be cautious with regard to the details you disclose after an accident, especially if you plan on taking legal action.

Losing mental focus and the risk of a crash

Motor vehicle crashes happen due to intoxication, ice or snow on roadways and speeding, to name a few risk factors. However, mindlessness and losing mental focus can also cause a collision. As a driver, it is essential for you to be aware of how your mental clarity can impact your driving abilities and do your best to stay alert and focused while driving. Unfortunately, some drivers disregard this simple yet important aspect of safe driving and put the lives of others in danger.

Recovering from a Memorial Day motorcycle crash

With the arrival of summer, many people start to ride their motorcycles. Many motorcyclists take to the roads on Memorial Day weekend and celebrate the holiday with their friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, some find themselves in an accident, which may be even more likely during the holiday for a number of reasons. Not only are there drunk drivers on the road, who may be more prevalent because of holiday celebrations, but other factors such as an increase in traffic could also make a motorcycle accident more likely.

Self-driving cars and liability

Questions regarding the safety of self-driving cars came into the minds of many South Carolina residents after a recent crash that resulted in death. Not only is it a tragedy for the family of the victim, but it presents the discussion of who is responsible for the accident and who is held legally liable.

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