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1 killed, 1 injured in head-on car accident in South Carolina

Few types of collisions may be as dangerous as those which occur when a vehicle crosses into the path of oncoming cars. Head-on collisions can have devastating results and those who suffer serious harm in such incidents could end up requiring long-term or even permanent medical treatment. One person was hospitalized and another died following a recent head-on car accident that took place in South Carolina.

1 killed, 2 injured in car accident involving failure to yield

Being prepared to react to the actions of a driver who fails to adhere to a traffic light or stop sign upon approaching an intersection can be nearly impossible at times. Collisions that take place under such circumstances could lead to chain reaction incidents that place the safety of everyone involved at risk. One person died and two others suffered injuries during a recent car accident at an intersection in South Carolina.

Passenger injured in car accident during high-speed chase

Attempting to evade a traffic stop is never advisable and high speed pursuits that stem from a similar scenario can be dangerous. Those who ride as a passenger with a driver who exhibits such negligence may have little control over the situation and their safety could be placed in harm's way in the process. Authorities are reportedly searching for a driver after a recent pursuit-related car accident in South Carolina left a passenger with serious injuries.

1 dies in car accident involving suspected drunk driver

A motor vehicle could malfunction at any given moment and having to pull onto the shoulder of the road and check on a vehicle can be dangerous under any circumstance. Should a nearby driver veer even slightly off course upon encountering a broken-down vehicle, the results could be catastrophic. One person died during a recent car accident in which a suspected drunk driver veered off the road in South Carolina.

Head-on car accident involving tractor-trailer claims lives of 3

A head-on collision can have catastrophic consequences under virtually any scenario. However, when commercial vehicles are involved, similar types of crashes run a much higher chance of leaving those involved with life-altering injuries or leaving loved ones mourning over an untimely loss. A recent head-on car accident involving a tractor-trailer has reportedly claimed the lives of three individuals in South Carolina.

Eating while driving: an underappreciated distraction

When car accidents occur in Monck’s Corner, one of the most important elements to determine is fault. Oftentimes that will be evident; a driver may have been traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit or been operating their vehicle in a blatantly reckless manner. Yet in many cases, fault may not be so apparent. It is at that point that one must look for the more subtle cues to understand with whom a majority of the blame for an accident should lie. One such clue might be a person involved in a collision wiping food stains off their clothing or quickly discarding cups or wrappers. These are telltale signs of eating and drinking while driving.

Common reasons insurance companies do not pay auto claims

People who are in car accidents in South Carolina and submit a claim to their insurance company expect payment for damages. However, an insurance company may not pay for the claim, and there are numerous reasons why this may be. Some are legitimate, while others are not, and the insurance holder should take further steps to ensure the company pays for what is right.

What happens if my uber driver crashes the car?

After planning a great Friday night out on the town in South Carolina, you realize you may have one drink too many so you decide not to drive. Instead, you rely on your favorite rideshare service to take you there and back. On the way home from the bar, a car stops suddenly before your Uber driver and they collide. Your seatbelt was on, but as the adrenaline fades you can feel a pain shooting up your back. At Beau Seaton Attorney at Law, we find that many passengers do not know how to react in these situations, but those first few minutes are crucial.

The other person’s insurance denied the claim. What now?

At Beau Seaton Attorney at Law, we recognize that insurance companies in South Carolina have one primary goal. They need to pay out as few claims as possible for the lowest amounts they can to make a profit. Unfortunately, that does not coincide with a driver or pedestrian’s need for compensation so they can recover after an accident. As a result, even when the other driver is at fault, their insurance company may choose to deny your claim. What do you do now?

How can I avoid aggressive driving?

Driving in South Carolina can often be stressful, especially in certain situations. Driving stress can easily lead to aggression behind the wheel, which is commonly referred to as road rage. Preventing yourself from experiencing aggression while driving is key to ensuring a safe experience for you and your passengers. Geico offers the following information on road rage and explains how you can prevent it from occurring. 

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