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What are legal grounds for divorce in South Carolina?

If you decide you want to end your marriage in South Carolina, one of the first steps is figuring out how to initiate the legal action to get a divorce. State law requires you to provide grounds for divorce when you file the paperwork. This requirement holds whether you file the divorce action by itself or as part of a request for maintenance and support.

How to prepare for divorce

Couples in South Carolina who are struggling in their marriage may eventually decide that divorce is the best course of action. When this occurs, neither partner should bury his or her head in the sand, because there is a lot to prepare for. By taking the proper steps, divorce proceedings can be a bit less stressful and time-consuming, and there may be a better outcome as well.

How to prepare for divorce mediation

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce in South Carolina and want to make it as smooth as possible, mediation may be a better choice than regular litigation. Although this is a popular choice for couples who communicate well, it is a good idea to prepare properly for it so you get more of what you want and you do not waste anyone's time or money.

Drifting apart from your spouse during a vacation

Couples find that ending their marriage has become necessary for an array of reasons. Aside from infidelity, abuse and other challenges that couples work through, some may come to the conclusion that they are not compatible during stressful circumstances. For example, a couple may drift apart during a vacation. This may occur after many years of marriage or it may even happen to newlyweds during their honeymoon. Either way, if you have found yourself in this position, you should take a close look at different options that may be available.

Relocating after divorce as a parent

Many family law matters can be stressful for people to work through, but those involving kids are often especially tough. Not only can legal issues which involve children be complicated, such as a custody dispute or calculating child support, but they can be highly emotional and parents may worry about how these matters will affect their kids. Parental relocation is one facet of divorce that must be approached cautiously. If you plan on relocating with your child after splitting up with your spouse, it is pivotal to make sure that you do so in accordance with the law. Likewise, if your child's other parent is moving, do not allow your rights to be violated.

Are passports affected by back child support?

Falling behind on the child support payments that one owes can bring on a number of different challenges, from those which are emotional (stress or depression) to the threat of being arrested and judgment from friends, family members and others in the community. However, some people are surprised to learn that missing child support payments can get in the way of other aspects of life, such as travel. In fact, your passport eligibility may be affected by unpaid child support, so it is important to keep this in mind if you plan on traveling and are currently facing problems related to child support.

Marital problems involving the internet

In the digital era, there are a number of stressors that can create challenges for couples. With access to a vast amount of information and the ability to connect with others like never before (social media, messaging apps, etc.), there are a number of ways in which technology can be problematic for married couples. For example, someone’s online behavior may infuriate their spouse, or someone may find out that their marital partner has been having an emotional affair over the internet. Moreover, partners that can be found via the internet can lead to physical affairs as well.

Lifestyle changes after the end of your marriage

When people think about the divorce process, they may focus on the negative aspects of ending a marriage, such as courtroom stress and difficulties involving finances or children. However, divorce can bring a number of positive changes to one’s life, such as making it easier for them to change their habits and live a healthier lifestyle. There are different reasons why divorce can have this effect on people and you should consider the potential benefits of divorce if you are thinking about ending a toxic marriage.

Can divorce cause sleep loss?

An array of questions and concerns may be on your mind if you have recently split up with your spouse or are approaching divorce for the first time. Aside from the legal aspects of divorce cases, there are other ways your life may be affected. For example, you may be impacted from an emotional point of view and may also experience other potential side effects of divorce, such as disturbances with regard to your sleep pattern. By doing all you can to prepare for your divorce and addressing areas of concern, you could be able to avoid or lessen these consequences.

How Can I Help My Kids Cope With Divorce?

Among all the difficult aspects of divorce, helping your kids cope can be among the hardest. Children are bound to experience a range of emotions as a result, even if your situation is relatively amicable. If you’re navigating a divorce in South Carolina, the following tips from can help you help your children manage any negative feelings caused by the process.

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