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Fatal crash leaves 1 facing DUI charges in South Carolina

Being involved in a serious collision can be a scary experience that could stick with a person for the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, such an incident can occur at virtually any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. A recent collision that is said to have claimed the life of a pedestrian in South Carolina has left a 23-year-old man facing DUI charges.

Single-car crash on Halloween night leads to DUI charges

During holiday weekends, law enforcement agents may be on high alert for certain types of behavior. When a motor vehicle accident occurs on a holiday, those investigating the incident could be more inclined to suspect the presence of wrongful behavior. A recent single-vehicle collision that is said to have taken place on Halloween night in South Carolina has reportedly left a 21-year-old man in custody facing DUI charges.

Drunk driving is a preventable offense

When it comes to drunk driving in South Carolina, few people would disagree that it is a preventable offense. The simplest preventative method is that drivers should not get behind the wheel when intoxicated. Similarly, whenever possible, family and friends should intervene to stop them rather than assume the person will make it home alright. Even so, both of these tactics are often easier said than done.

How can I receive treatment for alcohol addiction?

While receiving a DUI in South Carolina can be tough to navigate, receiving a drunk driving charge may only be the beginning of your problems. For many people, legal issues arising from alcohol consumption signal a serious problem that can go on to impact one’s health and interpersonal relationships. WebMD offers the following advice in this case, which can help you find the appropriate treatment if you have issues with alcohol.

DUI charges and teens

Any time that drunk driving allegations surface, the consequences can be devastating. For some people, such as young adults and teens who have their whole lives ahead of them, these allegations can be especially concerning. If you are a teenager who has recently been accused of driving under the influence or if your child is facing DUI charges, you could have a wide variety of questions and worry about the long-term impact of these charges. These are serious charges indeed, but there may be a number of options on the table for you to find a more favorable outcome.

Can a DUI affect travel?

Drivers in South Carolina who have been convicted of a DUI face a variety of consequences including fines, jail time, license suspension, alcohol classes and community service. On top of all that, a DUI can also affect them in a number of other ways, such as travel.

Do I have to submit to a roadside test?

Drivers in South Carolina who are pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated may find themselves in a dilemma when asked if they are willing to take a roadside breathalyzer test. Some may think that by taking the test they are actually doing more harm to their case. With a good attorney, refusing the test may help with the defense but there are other consequences involved with refusing the test that may make many drivers reconsider their decision.

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