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How does child custody work for soldiers?

If you are facing a child custody battle in South Carolina, you may worry about the key points in the law that are applicable to you. Here are some key aspects highlighted by the South Carolina Bar that a soldier may find important. Note that you can find all laws related to child custody in Title 63 of South Carolina’s Children’s Code.

What to consider when relocating a child

When couples split up in South Carolina and share custody of a child, one of the pain points is relocation. There are many legitimate reasons the parent with primary custody may need to move. They may have landed a higher-paying job in another town. Or, they may wish to move back to their home state to receive family assistance with childcare. Will their ex allow it? If they do not, what can they do to prevent it?

How can I make joint custody work with my ex?

Divorced parents who share custody often have a tough time coming to terms on child-rearing. However, it's in the best interest of your children to do so, even when hurt feelings and resentment exist between you and your ex. If you need help developing a co-parenting schedule that works for all involved, Very Well Family offers the following advice. 

Custody and your child’s emotions

Divorce can be challenging for a child in many different ways, whether they have to move to a new home or even a different city after their parents split up, or they are exposed to fighting and divorce-related stress. Child custody, however, can be an extremely emotional and stressful issue for children, so it is pivotal for you to be mindful of your child if you are in the middle of a dispute. It could help them if you sit down and have a discussion with them about what is going on and some of the changes that they may be able to expect while reassuring them that they are still loved regardless of the outcome of the case.

Considerations in child custody matters

Couples in South Carolina who are going through a divorce have a lot to consider in terms of dividing up property and future support payments. Those who have children have even more serious decisions to make, and custody issues can cause a lot of strife among families. There are a number of factors parents need to think about in order to make the best choice for the child's life.

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