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How a DUI can cause and affect a divorce

A divorce usually occurs when spouses have grown apart significantly and no longer share the same perspective. It's fairly common for heavy drinking to be an issue for one or both spouses during the divorce process. This can be for many reasons: Sometimes drinking problems lead to tension in a marriage and eventually to divorce, whereas in other situations drinking problems can arise as a result of an unhappy family life.

If you are contemplating divorce because of your partner's DUI conviction, it is important that you take the time to understand how this can be dealt with. You may be wondering whether a DUI charge is a sign that you should end your marriage and if the charge will affect the divorce process in any way.

How a DUI can affect a marriage?

A DUI does not only affect the spouse who was found guilty. It's possible that they will lose their driver's license, their job, and they will likely not be eligible for unemployment compensation. They will also be subject to fines. As a result, this can hugely impact the entire family. You may be feeling an extreme amount of anger toward your spouse for their actions, and may feel that you no longer want to be married to them.

How a DUI can affect the divorce process

A DUI could be a sign that your divorcing spouse is suffering from alcohol addiction. A person with an addiction can change as a person when they become drunk or when they are unable to gain access to alcohol. They will also be more difficult to reason with. If your divorcing spouse is denying their addiction to alcohol, you may need to try to prove it to the courts. Evidence of a recent DUI charge could help with this.

Showing that your divorcing spouse has an alcohol addiction could affect the child custody arrangement. The courts may agree that your children should not be in the custody of your ex when they have an addiction.

If you are contemplating divorce because your spouse's drinking problem has gone out of control, it is important that you understand the law in South Carolina and that you take swift action to stand up for your rights.

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