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October 2019 Archives

Eating while driving: an underappreciated distraction

When car accidents occur in Monck‚Äôs Corner, one of the most important elements to determine is fault. Oftentimes that will be evident; a driver may have been traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit or been operating their vehicle in a blatantly reckless manner. Yet in many cases, fault may not be so apparent. It is at that point that one must look for the more subtle cues to understand with whom a majority of the blame for an accident should lie. One such clue might be a person involved in a collision wiping food stains off their clothing or quickly discarding cups or wrappers. These are telltale signs of eating and drinking while driving.

Fighting for the alimony that you deserve

When divorce is a reality, divorce courts do not want either spouse's finances to suffer disproportionally. This is why alimony is sometimes awarded to the spouse who has a lower income. Alimony payments, otherwise known as spousal support, serve as a means to equalize income to some extent, giving the spouse who earns less time to gain new employment skills.

What are legal grounds for divorce in South Carolina?

If you decide you want to end your marriage in South Carolina, one of the first steps is figuring out how to initiate the legal action to get a divorce. State law requires you to provide grounds for divorce when you file the paperwork. This requirement holds whether you file the divorce action by itself or as part of a request for maintenance and support.

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