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What happens if my uber driver crashes the car?

After planning a great Friday night out on the town in South Carolina, you realize you may have one drink too many so you decide not to drive. Instead, you rely on your favorite rideshare service to take you there and back. On the way home from the bar, a car stops suddenly before your Uber driver and they collide. Your seatbelt was on, but as the adrenaline fades you can feel a pain shooting up your back. At Beau Seaton Attorney at Law, we find that many passengers do not know how to react in these situations, but those first few minutes are crucial.

Inc. estimates that 15% of Americans have used a ridesharing app before. Of this number, 17% regularly use ridesharing services to get around. In spite of the relative popularity of these apps, especially among millennials, rideshare companies and insurance providers have yet to come to an agreement on who pays for injuries. Drivers who work for ridesharing companies have personal insurance included in their contract to cover themselves, but what about you?

It may be the last thing on a person’s mind after an accident, but one of the first things a passenger should consider is ending the ride. Some rideshare apps will ask why and may have methods built into the app of reporting a motor vehicle accident. Rideshare apps may also provide passengers with a lot of information about the driver, but do not rely on this information alone. You may also need to ask questions about their insurance, contact information and even their work address if they also have a regular day job.

Laws related to rideshare crashes continually change. Because of this, many passengers turn to professionals for assistance when navigating crashes involving rideshare drivers. Note that personal injury claims in these instances can be tricky and insurance companies almost always try to get out of paying for injuries. For more information, please visit our webpage.

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