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July 2019 Archives

Drunk driving is a preventable offense

When it comes to drunk driving in South Carolina, few people would disagree that it is a preventable offense. The simplest preventative method is that drivers should not get behind the wheel when intoxicated. Similarly, whenever possible, family and friends should intervene to stop them rather than assume the person will make it home alright. Even so, both of these tactics are often easier said than done.

Drug dealers do not always fit the thug-stereotypes

Many people in South Carolina suffer from substance abuse problems. Among the most dangerous substances to become addicted to are opioids. How do people get the drugs they crave to feed their addiction? Most Americans picture thugs on the side of the street peddling heroine, but the truth is often even more terrifying than this.

What happens if my uber driver crashes the car?

After planning a great Friday night out on the town in South Carolina, you realize you may have one drink too many so you decide not to drive. Instead, you rely on your favorite rideshare service to take you there and back. On the way home from the bar, a car stops suddenly before your Uber driver and they collide. Your seatbelt was on, but as the adrenaline fades you can feel a pain shooting up your back. At Beau Seaton Attorney at Law, we find that many passengers do not know how to react in these situations, but those first few minutes are crucial.

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