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DUIs are a hazard: Here's how to avoid one

Want to grab a drink before you hit the road? Avoid making this serious mistake. If you get behind the wheel while you're drunk, you're bound to end up causing trouble for yourself or others. Even if you don't get caught this time, the reality is that the authorities are cracking down on drunk drivers and can attempt to enforce serious penalties against you.

The trouble with intoxication and driving is that even the most responsible people may have fewer inhibitions. That means they may think they're fine to drive, even if they never would in this state if they were looking at the situation as a rational, sober person. Some people can drive well despite some level of intoxication, but it's not a guarantee that you'll be safe to drive or be able to get home safely.

What can you do to avoid a DUI or other life-changing drunk-driving incidents?

It's best if you plan out what you're doing ahead of time. If you plan to drink, there should be someone with you who will be sober and willing to drive you home. If not, then you should have a plan of action to get home without getting behind the wheel while you're intoxicated. That might mean bringing along a Breathalyzer or stopping your alcohol intake long before you intend to drive home.

Remember, you can also call a cab, ride-sharing service or someone you know. At worst, you can always stay where you are and wait in your car. Don't turn on the ignition if you plan to do that, though, since you could end up facing DUI charges for driving while intoxicated even if you're not physically driving your vehicle while it's on.

What should you do if you face DUI charges in South Carolina?

If you face DUI charges, you should talk to your attorney about what exactly happened leading up to those charges. There may be discrepancies or errors that could help you fight the charges and walk away with fewer penalties or none at all.

Your attorney can also help you seek alternative penalties, such as community service or alcohol addiction treatment, which could reduce other penalties associated with a DUI.

It can be hard to deal with a DUI, but everyone deserves a chance to fight charges and protect themselves against the impact that a DUI can have on their lives and livelihoods in South Carolina.

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