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Death penalty plan for drug traffickers on the horizon

Since his election, the president has focused a lot of his efforts on defending borders and tackling drug trafficking. This perhaps converged into his focus on Mexican drug cartels in America. Apparently, the topic so fascinated Business Insider that they decided to investigated where Mexican drug cartels operated in America. The reports showed that southern California, the Northeast and south Florida remained the key areas for Mexican drug cartel activity. South Carolina remains one of the least affected states in the east.

Ironically, Mexican drug cartels are allegedly some of the least violent of drug-trafficking organizations in America. However, this is not for altruistic reasons. The cartels reportedly prefer to keep a low profile, so as not to attract attention from law enforcement. Because of this, inter-cartel violence and gang wars is limited in U.S. soil, even when it is at its worst in Mexico.

While much of the attention tends to be on America’s closest southern neighbor, drug cartels from all around the world have operations in the United States. According to CNN, to address this growing problem, the president proposes the death penalty for drug traffickers. In his address, related to the proposal, he pointed out that when a man kills a person, he receives the death penalty. Yet, drug dealers were often responsible for several deaths and received short jail sentences. In fact, in 2016, the opioid epidemic alone resulted in 64,000 deaths.

Even so, the proposal raised a few eyebrows. Some experts point out that it reiterates rhetoric that first surfaced under President Regan — rhetoric that ultimately failed. One doctor who specialized in research on opioid policy called it “a step backwards” and contends that America cannot simply execute its way out of the opioid crisis.

For drug traffickers, the possibility of facing the death penalty may provide encouragement to pursue another — hopefully legal — career path. For others, who are perhaps not only accustomed to but prefer risk, the death penalty is just another source for the adrenalin rush.

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