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The other person’s insurance denied the claim. What now?

At Beau Seaton Attorney at Law, we recognize that insurance companies in South Carolina have one primary goal. They need to pay out as few claims as possible for the lowest amounts they can to make a profit. Unfortunately, that does not coincide with a driver or pedestrian’s need for compensation so they can recover after an accident. As a result, even when the other driver is at fault, their insurance company may choose to deny your claim. What do you do now?

FindLaw points out that it is important to understand why the claim was denied. In some instances, the driver may tell another story to the insurance company which better suits both of their pockets. The driver’s premiums may not go up and the insurance company gets to hold on to its cash for a little longer.

Another reason is that the driver may have lapsed on their payments, so they may not have been insured at the time the accident took place. A third reason is that you may not have notified the insurance company soon enough. Finally, if natural events were partially to blame, such as ice on the road, the insurance company may claim it is an act of God and refuse to pay.

The next step may be a demand letter. This documents a more formal claim for the accident and includes the following details:

  •          Reason the other driver was to blame
  •          Cost of vehicle damage
  •          Medical bills

Some insurance companies may have a formal appeals process you can take advantage of, as well. This could provide the opportunity for you to negotiate a settlement. Take a look out our webpage for more information.

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