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How can I avoid aggressive driving?

Driving in South Carolina can often be stressful, especially in certain situations. Driving stress can easily lead to aggression behind the wheel, which is commonly referred to as road rage. Preventing yourself from experiencing aggression while driving is key to ensuring a safe experience for you and your passengers. Geico offers the following information on road rage and explains how you can prevent it from occurring. 

The first step is to understand just what is meant by road rage. Aggressive driving entails many different behaviors, including gesturing angrily, honking, and yelling from your window. Some motorists begin driving aggressively as well, which can involve cutting off the other vehicle or tailgating. The situation may escalate even further if one vehicle makes contact with another or if a driver exits his or her vehicle to confront another motorist. Not only is this dangerous, it can also lead to serious legal issues for all involved and may also cause an increase in your current insurance rate.

A number of issues can contribute to aggressive behaviors behind the wheel. Traffic is a major contributor, especially if you live in a congested city. This issue is exacerbated when a motorist is late, either to work or for an appointment. There is a level of anonymity when driving that also causes behaviors that otherwise wouldn't occur. Most drivers assume they won't ever see any of the other motorists again while also feeling protected within their vehicles. 

Keeping your cool, no matter what happens, can reduce risky driving and allow you to operate your vehicle safely. Also, consider that honking, yelling, and other behaviors will only cause other people to become irritated as well. If you happen to encounter another motorist behaving aggressively, keep your distance and don't respond to any provocations. Additionally, never stop your vehicle to confront another driver and take extra care if you feel threatened during an accident. 

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