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Here are some scary DUI facts to consider

DUIs can change your life immediately. They indicate that you were reckless, and they could lead to crashes that hurt you or others. In worst-case scenarios, people die from accidents caused by those who drive while intoxicated.

DUIs are preventable, which is what makes them so tragic when they're reported. In some cases, having one or two fewer drinks that night might have helped a driver avoid a collision completely, which is an even greater tragedy.

Did you know that car crashes are the top killer of teens?

In around a third of those cases, alcohol is involved, even though teens aren't legally able to drink. Around eight teens die each day as a result of DUI crashes. Combined with inexperience while driving and inexperience in other parts of life, poor decision-making skills can lead to collisions that teenagers don't survive or survive with serious consequences.

Every age group is affected by DUIs

It's not just teens who are affected by being intoxicated. In auto crashes that happen at night across all age groups, approximately 50 percent of drivers who passed away had BAC levels over the .08 percent legal limit. During other hours of the day, only 15 percent of drivers killed were over the legal limit. This suggests that drivers are more likely to be intoxicated at night, which is something to be aware of if you have to drive.

In around 40 percent of all fatal crashes, alcohol is a factor. The sad thing about this is that alcohol intake is also one thing that can be easily controlled and monitored.

How can you be sure that you're safe to drive?

To be sure that you're safe to drive, it's a good idea to carry a portable Breathalyzer with you. If you intend to drink at a bar or on a night out with friends, this is the only legitimate way to know if you are or are not over the legal limit to drive. While it may not seem fashionable, checking your breath before getting behind the wheel is extremely important. While these devices are not infallible, you'll have a far better chance of knowing if you're capable of driving or if you're over the limit and need to call for a ride.

Your safety and health are the most important things in this world. Be cautious, carry a Breathalyzer with you and be prepared to call for a ride if you are intoxicated and can't drive home safely.

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