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January 2019 Archives

Custody and your child’s emotions

Divorce can be challenging for a child in many different ways, whether they have to move to a new home or even a different city after their parents split up, or they are exposed to fighting and divorce-related stress. Child custody, however, can be an extremely emotional and stressful issue for children, so it is pivotal for you to be mindful of your child if you are in the middle of a dispute. It could help them if you sit down and have a discussion with them about what is going on and some of the changes that they may be able to expect while reassuring them that they are still loved regardless of the outcome of the case.

Why do so many drivers speed?

Reckless drivers who disregard the safety of others on the road should be held fully responsible for causing a crash, and these accidents happen for many reasons. Speeding is one of the more common causes of preventable auto accidents and it is important to understand some of the different motivating factors behind a driver’s decision to go over the speed limit. Unfortunately, this behavior has claimed many lives over the years and it has left countless victims with injuries that shatter their future.

Why injuries are often worse in commercial truck crashes

Massive commercial trucks, sometimes called big rigs or semitrucks, feature design elements intended to make them efficient for hauling as much as possible across various terrains. They can quickly detach the trailer and pick up a new load. Their size also allows them to carry many times the weight of smaller vehicles.

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