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Why do so many drivers speed?

Reckless drivers who disregard the safety of others on the road should be held fully responsible for causing a crash, and these accidents happen for many reasons. Speeding is one of the more common causes of preventable auto accidents and it is important to understand some of the different motivating factors behind a driver’s decision to go over the speed limit. Unfortunately, this behavior has claimed many lives over the years and it has left countless victims with injuries that shatter their future.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covers speeding, along with other risky driving behaviors, on their website. The NHTSA points out that one reason drivers may speed because they are trying to get to work on time or they have some other important responsibility to get to. Moreover, traffic congestion plays a role in many of these incidents and can cause people to drive aggressively in other ways. Some drivers may even speed on accident, whether they are not aware of the speed limit or they become distracted.

Why injuries are often worse in commercial truck crashes

Massive commercial trucks, sometimes called big rigs or semitrucks, feature design elements intended to make them efficient for hauling as much as possible across various terrains. They can quickly detach the trailer and pick up a new load. Their size also allows them to carry many times the weight of smaller vehicles.

Large commercial vehicles effectively keep the United States economy running by providing affordable ground transportation for materials and products. Unfortunately, those large commercial vehicles also create substantial risk for other people on the road. Their drivers can and do make mistakes that result in crashes.

How South Carolina penalizes those convicted of impaired driving

If you decide to get behind the wheel of your car while drunk, you don't just put yourself at risk. You cause danger for everyone else on the road as well. In order to keep the roads as safe as possible for the public, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in South Carolina.

However, simply making a law against a certain behavior does not stop people from engaging in it. People still choose to drive drunk for a variety of reasons every day across the state, and sometimes, they get caught by law enforcement. When someone gets arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in South Carolina, they will face criminal charges and penalties.

Going over some causes of driver fatigue

Each day, there are far too many tired drivers on the road, and they are putting many lives at risk. Sadly, some people do not realize just how serious it is to drive while fatigued, and this can result in a fatal collision. Driver fatigue has many causes and some of them will be examined in this write-up. If you every feel that you are too tired to drive, it is imperative to stay off the road until you are well-rested. Many people ignore this advice and if you are struck by someone who was too tired to drive, do not hesitate to take a stand for your legal rights.

Many drivers become fatigued because they did not get enough sleep. This can happen because of sleep disorders, a demanding work schedule, travel or for many other reasons. However, drivers can also suffer from fatigue because of an unusually demanding day at work. Furthermore, certain medications, such as those which are supposed to help with cold and flu symptoms, as well as prescriptions, can make drivers drowsy.

Training and job-related traffic accidents

Workers become injured while performing their job duties in various ways, from accidents that result from careless co-worker behavior to weather-related mishaps. However, some accidents are caused by a lack of training and familiarity with numerous types of equipment and job-related duties. For example, someone may have a position which requires them to operate some sort of vehicle, or they may be asked to do so by a manager temporarily, even though they are not qualified. This may happen in the construction industry and many other lines of work. For example, a restaurant owner may ask one of their employees to deliver something even though they do not have a driver’s license or any experience behind the wheel.

When employees are involved in work-related traffic incidents, their lives can be destroyed. Even those who survive an accident could have to deal with permanent injuries and financial setbacks. Another incredibly upsetting aspect of work-related traffic accidents is that many are preventable, and some people should have never been on the road. If you or someone who you love are struggling with the consequences of such an accident, you may want to go forward with a lawsuit.

Drifting apart from your spouse during a vacation

Couples find that ending their marriage has become necessary for an array of reasons. Aside from infidelity, abuse and other challenges that couples work through, some may come to the conclusion that they are not compatible during stressful circumstances. For example, a couple may drift apart during a vacation. This may occur after many years of marriage or it may even happen to newlyweds during their honeymoon. Either way, if you have found yourself in this position, you should take a close look at different options that may be available.

Vacations can be the last straw due to various challenges. For example, tensions may run high and a couple may find themselves constantly disagreeing and even fighting over numerous issues. Many couples are devastated to face these challenges after planning a trip for months, or maybe years. However, you should try to do your best to resolve the situation.

Relocating after divorce as a parent

Many family law matters can be stressful for people to work through, but those involving kids are often especially tough. Not only can legal issues which involve children be complicated, such as a custody dispute or calculating child support, but they can be highly emotional and parents may worry about how these matters will affect their kids. Parental relocation is one facet of divorce that must be approached cautiously. If you plan on relocating with your child after splitting up with your spouse, it is pivotal to make sure that you do so in accordance with the law. Likewise, if your child's other parent is moving, do not allow your rights to be violated.

There are various reasons why relocating can be advantageous for parents. For example, some may be able to leave behind some of their negative memories by starting out fresh in a new city or state. People may be able to live in a place they have dreamed of for years and they may also be able to pursue career opportunities that were not available in their previous city. From an emotional and financial angle, relocating can be very beneficial. However, a parent needs to make sure that they understand the laws related to parental relocation.

How can I stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season?

Families all over South Carolina are gearing up for holiday celebrations in their homes and the homes of their loved ones. This entails preparing lavish feasts, which entail certain risks if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. In this case, Everyday Health offers the following advice to keep your holiday celebration safe and fun for all.

Keep multitasking to a minimum

Drug trafficking facts: How you could be accused

When you were stopped by police, they discovered that you had several bottles of prescription medications on hand. They asked why you had so many, then told you to wait while they went back to the cruiser to complete your traffic stop.

When another officer pulled up, you knew there was trouble brewing. The first officer explained that he'd seen multiple pill bottles on your front passenger seat, which they claim is enough to search your vehicle. You allowed it, knowing there was nothing to hide, but now you face drug charges.

Trucking injuries: A higher risk for serious wounds

When you're on the highway, one thing that might bother you is the number of large vehicles nearby. With semitrucks and 18-wheelers surrounding you, you're worried that you could get into a serious crash.

How serious would that crash be, though, with all factors considered? Here are a few things to think about when considering how dangerous it is to be near trucks on the roads.

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