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Rush hour driving brings forth many challenges

Even if you have many years of experience driving in rush hour, it doesn't make it any easier to find yourself in gridlock traffic in South Carolina.

Not only is it frustrating to drive in rush hour traffic, but it's also dangerous on many fronts. If you don't take steps to prevent trouble, there's a greater chance of suffering an injury in an accident.

How to prepare for divorce

Couples in South Carolina who are struggling in their marriage may eventually decide that divorce is the best course of action. When this occurs, neither partner should bury his or her head in the sand, because there is a lot to prepare for. By taking the proper steps, divorce proceedings can be a bit less stressful and time-consuming, and there may be a better outcome as well.

Investopedia discusses some initial steps each side should take for a smooth process and to ensure there is protection in regard to finances. One of the first steps is to close any account that is joint in order to prevent one spouse from spending the money or building up debt. Another is to talk with legal and financial professionals and figure out the best way to proceed, whether it is through a court trial or mediation. 

Drug dealers blamed for the opioid crisis

Addiction to opioids has reached crisis and epidemic levels in South Carolina. This means fatter profits for people in the drug trade, including medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies. However, it also leads to many families being torn apart. As a result, politicians have been toying with the idea of getting tougher on drugs and the people belonging to the illicit side of the drug trade.

According to PBS, even back in 2017, the former attorney general told federal prosecutors that it was time to bring back some of the practices the Obama administration reversed. These were tough practices related to the failed “war on drugs” that lasted for decades in America. At the top of their list was tougher prison sentences to discourage people from becoming involved in the drug trade. At the time, the president also chimed in to say that drug abuse was crippling American families. Later on, he even called for the death penalty.

Would you pre-screen your marriage? Should you?

What if there were a way to predetermine which marriages would go the distance before taking that walk down the aisle? It certainly could set the wedding industry on its ear.

But is such a concept even possible? According to one marital therapist, professor and researcher, it's not only possible but has already occurred. In his more than four decades of research into the science of predicting divorce and studies of marital stability, Dr. John Gottman boasts a rate of accuracy of 94% when predicting the couples' likelihood of remaining married for the next three years.

How does child custody work for soldiers?

If you are facing a child custody battle in South Carolina, you may worry about the key points in the law that are applicable to you. Here are some key aspects highlighted by the South Carolina Bar that a soldier may find important. Note that you can find all laws related to child custody in Title 63 of South Carolina’s Children’s Code.

In all custody cases, the court tries to rule in favor of the best interests of the child. Some of the many factors the courts consider include the physical, mental, spiritual, familial and recreational aspects of a child’s life. To meet this need, courts assess how fit a parent is to take care of the child.

Drowsiness: A dangerous feeling to have behind the wheel

Truck drivers have a hard job. They must work many hours a day, loading and unloading their vehicles as well as driving to their destinations. Needless to say, it can be a tiresome job and certainly wears on the body and mind.

Since truck driving is so dangerous and can be tiresome, it's essential that drivers get enough sleep and take care of their bodies. They must go through medical reviews and get special commercial licenses to control large, heavy vehicles.

Distractions could cause crashes: Know the three types

When people are behind the wheel, it's normal to get distracted. There are many things to think about, look at and listen to, from the vehicles outside your own to the radio station that has just changed songs.

Of course, distractions can be very dangerous, especially when they involve all the senses. The three types of distractions, manual, mental and visual, sometimes combine to make deadly situations.

Drunk driving is a preventable offense

When it comes to drunk driving in South Carolina, few people would disagree that it is a preventable offense. The simplest preventative method is that drivers should not get behind the wheel when intoxicated. Similarly, whenever possible, family and friends should intervene to stop them rather than assume the person will make it home alright. Even so, both of these tactics are often easier said than done.

According to the CDC, sobriety checkpoints are just one of the many ways law enforcement helps to reduce drunk driving incidents and the repercussions of engaging in this activity. These checkpoints give officers of the law the right to stop drivers and check for impairment. If they suspect a driver is intoxicated, they may decide to administer a test.

What is entailed in a divorce settlement agreement?

The divorce process is complicated and challenging from beginning to end, as there are many roadblocks and unanswered questions standing in your way.

The sooner you understand what a divorce settlement agreement includes, the sooner you can devise a strategy for protecting your legal rights and getting everything that's rightfully owed to you.

Drug dealers do not always fit the thug-stereotypes

Many people in South Carolina suffer from substance abuse problems. Among the most dangerous substances to become addicted to are opioids. How do people get the drugs they crave to feed their addiction? Most Americans picture thugs on the side of the street peddling heroine, but the truth is often even more terrifying than this.

According to NBC News, Purdue Pharma allegedly faces some responsibility for feeding the opioid epidemic gripping the United States. Recent court documents claim that the pharmaceutical company first sold OxyContin to patients, creating the perfect market for then selling an anti-addiction drug. Documents allege that one of the ways Purdue fueled the opioid crisis is by telling doctors that OxyContin had a low risk of addiction. In 2017, 48,000 Americans died from overdoses related to this and other opioid substances.

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