How To Protect Yourself After You Are Charged With A Crime

Many people are unsure of what they should take after their arrest. A person can cause damage to their case if they do not follow these simple steps. By using these tips you can prevent future problems with your case.

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Four Things You Can Do After An Arrest

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, follow these steps:

  1. Contact an attorney: Knowledgeable criminal defense counsel can make you aware of your rights and prevent mistakes from occurring. Having a lawyer by your side can stop law enforcement from bullying you during interrogations.
  2. Do not discuss your case with the police: Talking to the police about seemingly innocuous case details without an attorney can damage your defense. The police may take what you say out of context and use your words against you in the courtroom. Trying to convince the police of your innocence after your arrest can only hurt your case.
  3. Do not discuss your case with friends or family: Anything that you say to anyone about your case can be used against you. Do not post about your case on social media or send messages about your charges.
  4. Do not lose hope about your case: No matter the details of your case, no prosecutor has a guaranteed conviction. Our lawyer can investigate the evidence and show why there may be problems. In DUI cases, an officer can make mistakes while administering a field sobriety test. Do not accept a plea deal without talking to our attorney.

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